Thursday, August 24, 2006

good things

Matt talked to his sister last night. He said it was the best conversation he has had with her in a long time. Things with both her and her son are looking much better than they have in a while. We really couldn't be happier. I can not tell you what a relief it is to hear positive things about our nephew. Therapy, accountability, remorse, acceptance and gratitude. Things are still yet to be determined in regards to the future, but isn't that true for all of us?

I am going hiking and having a picnic with some of my co-workers weekend after next. My supervisor will not be in attendance. I was also invited to the annual end of summer BBQ at the home of one of the head honchos. I imagine they have have a pretty nice house on the beach in the fancy part of town.

I've pretty much decided to stick it out with the job. Mostly because I'm lazy and don't really feel like looking for a job and I like being home early in the afternoon. The supervisor just pretty much keeps to herself. No more chit chat in the morning. It will really suck when the other co-worker leaves to go to her home department. Whatever, they pay really well and feed me.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


So the Days gossip is....

Austin and Carrie have been fired. Jack and Jen leave at the end of summer, Jack fired Jen quit. Shawn quit, last shoot was on Monday he has been re-cast. Victor (Jennifer Aniston's dad) had a heartattack and is in the hospital. Both Patrick and Frankie have also been fired.

So that means that Bo will raise Patrick's baby with his wife Hope, leaving the door open for Patrick to come back at a later date. Sami will either end up with Lucas or EJ, I hope for EJ just because Lucas has weird facial hair, shave man.

Philip is also leaving, so I would think that Mimi would soon follow. Matt wishes that Bonnie and Bart would become a couple. He loves Bart.

What up with the hand? I hope that the new writers will move the story line along faster, really 2 weeks for one stinking day?

And yesterday when Hope said that they missed 2 years of Zach's life, I almost thought WHAT you are pretending that New Year's Eve, the night he was run over by his half sister in a hit and run, was 2 years ago? Then I remembered that he was switched at birth and that other couple raised him for those 2 years. A while Hope had found in Zach's backpack a valentine's day card for her that he made in school. I don't know any schools that start valentine cards at christmas, so they do like to screw with the timeline.

Next up Survivor and why I'm not a racist, or am I?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I don't know what it is about Tuesdays and blogging.

I was not accepted into the Lines into Shapes art show in Estes Park. I do, however, have an invite to the opening reception, so if you live in or around the Estes Park area let me know and it is yours. It is a pretty crappy invitation, it isn't even cut straight.

I didn't really expect to be accepted (self fulfilling...). I do believe that the judges of the juried art world don't consider polymer clay to be a valid artistic medium. Maybe it is the whimsy and the popularity with the kids they skews their mindset. I would have been sad to see the piece go, so maybe it was a self fulfilling prophesy. I should probably look for shows in LA then I can see my art in person!

I am super excited about my new website! I can't wait to see everything so pretty once it is done. I am taking semi ok pictures, and Katrina is working her mad photoshop skillz to make them look beautiful! K8 will use her own skillz to make it all flow on the internets.

I have been in a creative slump for a while and now I have so many projects I don't know what to do! 90210, make new things for ArtWalk, the website!

The 90210 progress is GREAT! We (Matt) have the "trailor" backing tracks almost done, it runs about 6 minutes. If that goes well we will do something longer. I'll have to ask if Matt can put in the "I choose you, its always been you" scene into the current mix. That is my most favorite scene in the whole 10 year series. If it doesn't make it into the trailor we'll just have to do more later. I can't wait to start filming. Labor Day weekend is looking damn good!

So until next time I will be enjoying looking at this until I am accepted or it is sold elsewhere.

Friday, August 18, 2006


We are going to eat Indian food tonight. Sometimes I want to get curry because it gives me wild dreams, but Matt isn't a fan. I think I will get some for myself, I will sleep poorly and wake up in the middle of the night smelling of curry. The service is crappy, but the food is great and we walk there so that is always nice.

I am having a new website done for , I'm excited about the new look. I am taking loads of pictures tomorrow in my homemade lightbox/90210 set.

Matt is going to start working on the 90210 movie! He will transfer all of the dialog we have and make them say dirty silly things! We have some great clips, lots of Donna talking about her prudish sexy ways. Andrea saying that she dates all types of men, black, white, even a republican! I hope this project is fun and not a fight. Sometimes I'm bad at directing Matt with what I want and that frustrates him. I hope I am better at communicating my desires.

I wish that someone had indexed all of 90210. That would make it super easy to script, currently we just pick and choose sentences and hope that they string together.

Sunday we are going to Matt will eat sushi, I will eat edemame and rice. We will both eat mochi.

I hope for a good weekend. No drama, no death, no worries!

Monday, August 07, 2006


I got it cut!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fun filled day

Yesterday Matt and I got up early to go meet some people from my work for a hike. We drove out to Topanga Canyon Blvd and got a bit lost. Why are there 2 streets with just one letter difference? One ended in A, one in O. We took the masculine O and didn't find our destination, making us a few minutes late when we finially found the feminine version of the street 5 or so miles down the road. Stupid.

The hike was pretty challenging. The pace was faster than I normally walk, and it was a straight incline, about 500 feet every half mile. After a short rest near the top we made it to Eagle Rock and sat and chatted about the world in general with my coworkers. The VP of my area planned the hike and one of the fund managers and another person who assits the main guy joined us.

After completing the four mile round trip hike we went out for lunch. Lunch ended up being just my boss, Matt and I; the others bailed for other committments. My bosses wife joined us shortly after we arrived. She is 6 months pregnant and wasn't up for the hike. The four of us had a lovely long lunch at one of the most romantic places in all of Los Angeles. It was really, really nice. For some reason, my boss even paid!

We came home and napped for a bit then got ready to go to dinner at Ian and Deb's place. That was also a great night. Matt was roommates with Ian many years ago and they have a great connection with music. I get along great with his wife; we sit outside while they work on music and chat. They have a great mission style 100+ year old home in the Mid-City area of Los Angeles. With a great back yard and a home studio. They also have 2 boys with loads of energy.

Today will be a bit more quiet. Errands, cleaning and laundry.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Gang bangers

My neighborhood has an ebb and flow of various people. Across the street is a retirement type place, filled with 99.9% Russian Armenian old people. There are old buildings with style and new ones that look like every other new apartment building. Some might call them project like, not me but I can see why they'd think that.

There was an urban development study completed and it was determined that my hood was ripe for development. That means more places to eat, more things to do, more traffic, more people. So good and bad. I like my neighborhood. I tend to really "live" in it; I shop, eat, play all within a few miles.


What the hell is up with the influx of gang bangers? Today after work Matt and I took Emma for a walk. We either go for a walk or go to the park everyday. Sometimes I think that Emma gets more exercise walking around a few blocks than peeing on every tree in the park. We walked about halfway around the block when we encountered a group of shaved, shirtless young men. They happened to be fighting with other shaved, shirtless young men. At first we just crossed the street, then I thought to myself, if they have guns we probably shouldn't walk right by them. Matt must have had the same thought because we just both turned around and walked back the direction we came. Then when we were crossing the street to go home, we came across a very intimidating new group of shaved, wife beater low rise long shorts wearing young men. They gave us the stare down as we opened our gate and walked up our stairs.

I no longer will go to the super shitty convenience store. I suppose that fact it is a super shitty convenience store is reason enough, like expired dairy products 3 months after the fact, to not go. But I can't go there anymore because of the "barber shop". They don't exactly cut hair so much as perform laundry services for snazzy Cadillac escalade driving black men. The laundry mat next door is strictly for washing clothing. They creep me out, probably cause I know they are looking at my booty and let me know as such. Sometimes we'll walk by that corner on the way to the nice convenience store one more block, they sell Ben and Jerry's for 3.99! Last week there was a whole crew of men drinking 40s at that corner, they'd give you the "what the fuck you looking at look" when you walk by.

The tagging has also increased. They cracked down about 5 years ago and most of the tagging disappeared. So what is up with all the new gang tags? Cops, come patrol. With all the construction there is lots of space for tagging. All of those jumbo garbage bins, all of the boards advertising the financing and construction, it is all covered in graffiti.

Aside from the gangs we do love living here. I like Los Angeles. We pay rent that is way, way low. Rent control + moving in when things were cheap = lucky me. I hope that once the "development" is complete the neighborhood will improve. How can the young, full head of hair, business casual wearing men not move to my hood? 25 minutes to downtown, free parking? A public transportation hub?

Thank goodness Emma is a 95 lbs rott mix. She sometimes make them cross to the other side of the street!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Again, it's Tuesday

The 90210 movie is on hold for a tiny bit. There are some other pressing items on Matt's agenda. I'm sure we'll have the backing dialog and music soon.

The pressing item is a gig for Ape Has Killed Ape. I'm really excited about Matt playing for 2 major reasons. 1. It makes him happy to play a gig with people who don't give him grief. 2. Katrina is coming to see the show and stay with us for 3-4 days!

I'm a little bit more excited to see Katrina. Mostly because Matt spends much of his free time getting the music down for his show, leaving me to entertain myself. Come next Wednesday or Thursday you will find Katrina and I on the couch watching tv, creating art, shopping for fabric and having loads and loads of girl talk. Can. Not. Wait.