Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A whole bunch of pictures

I dyed my hairs a few weeks ago. It was a temporary dye and since my hairs reject dye in just a few weeks anyway, it is pretty much back to normal.

Matt's cousin Tom and 2 of his friends came to visit. We took them on the grand tour of LA and promised to see at least one star. We were successful and saw non other than JOHN BLACK from Days of Our Lives. He was standing right next to me at the deli. Matt nearly had to hold a spot light on him for me to notice. I was engrossed in deciding what to eat. So John Black right there beside me. He ordered a pound of tuna, in his classic breathy voice. Matt repeats "I'll have a pound of tuna" all the time. Sadly John Black was very cocky and totally knew we knew who he was. He'd just lucky I didn't mention that I'm such a dork fan that I attended the 40th anniversary symposium at the Museum of TV and Radio.

We went to our favorite beach, Leo Carrillo. Sadly, we also came across a beached sea lion. Boo.

Britney Spears. So she foiled my plan to document her paparazzi by putting the house on the market, amongst other things. So this is the only picture I have of the cars biding their time awaiting their opportunity to document every public move. The dirt patches are now vacant, just as they were before.

My dad came to visit this past weekend. On Saturday afternoon we took the subway a couple of stops to Hollywood/Highland to check out the Oscar preps. It was pretty awesome and we even got to stand on the red carpet, covered in plastic but still!
This guy is along the red carpet.
The first big Oscar you see as the stars first start to walk down the red carpet.
This is what you would first see if you were getting out of your limo. Or if you go the day before since like me, you are a big nobody when it comes to the Oscars.
After walking along the walk of fame and purchasing a g-string, with my dad, for my husband, we headed to Chinatown.
Happy New Year! Year of the GOLDEN PIG.
I thought these fan ladies were pretty cool.
Dragon's ward off the evil spirits. And the firecrackers wake them up, I think.

I made a display for my makeup brushes per the request of Nigel. Soon they will be available at his beauty supply shop.

As I mentioned above I bought a g-string for Matt. He didn't wear it.

My husband played drums in a Judist Priest Cover band this past weekend. The band is Nudist Priest. The best part of the night was the introduction by my dad, wearing his clerics; watch for that on youtube someday soon. (as soon as I ask his permission) "I'm the priest, here come the nudes" Perfect.

It's Tuesday

It has been a while. No valid excuses. I'll try not to let it happen again.

Joanne inquired about my diet. I am still pretty much a vegetarian. I had fish once a couple of weeks ago and I also have had a warm spinach salad with tiny bits of prosciutto, twice. I LOVE this salad, but the belly ache that follows makes it not so worth it. I assume the belly ache stems from the grease from the meat. It is just such a small amount, maybe 2 slices, but I guess that is all it takes.

I'd like to say I'm working out as often as I'd like. But I'm not. I go to yoga at least once a week, and usually another workout on the weekends. But not much else. I'll get back on track, I will I swear.

Now it is time for pictures.