Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I am blogging on THIS!!! So exciting. The laptop arrived on Friday. Matt was out of town so I had the weekend to play around and get it all hooked up. After some tech support from my dad I got the modem and wireless connection all set up. I love it! Couch surfing! Also, it is Hi-Def and plays HD-DVD, the 17 inch screen is gigantic. We streamed LOST in Hi-Def and it was amazing to see the difference. Hooray prizes!!!

I know I still owe pictures of the furniture. But it just isn't all set up exactly right. This weekend I will have all the pictures hung in their new spots, and the shelves filled with our treasures. So thank you for your patience, and check back soon.

In the meantime look at the new bag I ordered for the laptop.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Through the ages

Baby Matt and his cousin Chris 1967

Deborah 3 1/2 and Joanna 1. On the back in my mother's handwriting "Little Princesses"

Halloween, I'm guessing in Minneapolis. We had round columns on the porch in Junction City.

Matt remembers touching the bunny's fur. March 1971 (he also remembers catching the jacket on fire after bumping into the space heater. His dad had stop, drop and manually roll him.)

Joanna's 3rd Birthday. 1975



Dress Up!

Deborah and Joanna with Grandma Jean in Minneapolis

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

This picture says Joanna 1977, but it is clearly Deborah.

The summer before Junior High also in 1977

3rd or 4th, when do you get the new front teeth?

5th The teacher grabbed Matt and combed his hair to the side, which is the reason it is different than all his other school pics.

In Betty's office at Church of the Covenant in Junction City.

On the front porch in Junction City.

Dance Recital!

Matt at 9 or 10.

Playing baseball at 11 or 12. He didn't like playing ball.

WTF with the perm?

I loved this girl scout outfit. So cute. This is Kansas, note the round columns.

I must be about 3 or 4.

8th grade



My 23 Birthday

October 2002

Monday, February 04, 2008


I still do not know which candidate I will select tomorrow for Super Tuesday. And I'm kind of concerned that I won't have a polling place. Not concerned enough to attempt to locate any sort of paperwork to see what it says on the booklet.

I knew where it was before we got rid of all the furniture.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


We finished the last piece tonight. Thank goodness. I'm 100% over building furniture for a really long time.

Now to get the house back into order. I'd love to leave the laundry baskets filled with papers and the stereo, but I suppose I should put the stuff away and hook up the surround.

I will take loads of pictures when everything is put away and pretty.