Monday, June 30, 2008

It's about time!

I haven't blogged much. No reason, just preoccupied with other things.

I spent pretty much my whole day Saturday at the eye doctor. They are trying to fit me back to toric lenses. I wore torric my whole contact wearing life until about 3 years ago when the switched me to soft lenses. Finding the right fit has been a challenge. About 7 hours of challenge. Including 4.5 hour at the eye doctor on Saturday and a prior appointment a week and a half ago. Saturday's appointment did not bode well for my evening plans. A or B, B or C, C or D always gives me a headache, so unfortunately we skipped out on evening plans.

Last weekend we went camping at the beach. I randomly pick weekends throughout the summer to go beach camping, in January. They book up within a week or so of becoming available. I happened to pick a perfect weekend it was easily 109 here and 95 at the beach.

For the first time ever we took Emma in the Honda FIT with all our gear. Everything we needed easily FIT, we flipped up the double back seat and she ends up curling up and laying down. It worked perfectly. Loads of room for both us and Emma. She was a lot less crazy, I think it is because she can't quite see outside.

We had a great time. We drove around a bit looking at sod farms and strawberry fields. The strawberries smelled so amazing while driving down the road we had to stop at a roadside stand and get some. Super tasty!

Camping was great, the moon was full and bright and the stars were out in full force. We even drove down the Pacific Coast Highway a bit to find the perfect spot of beach to call our own and play in the ocean's wake. Even Emma had a great time.

Next time we go it's over the meteor shower weekend in August. I have jury duty the next Monday.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Banner Day

Today is about equality. May all the newlyweds today and tomorrow and beyond enjoy their lives as a single union. Equal to a man and a women, equal to a couple in love, just equal.

Happily ever after.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A day trip to Catalina

We took the boat over on Matt's birthday. It is a quick hour on the boat each way.

After eating a bunch and walking around we finished off our time on the island at lover's cove watching the tide come in.

Look what the waves washed up on to the stairs at lover's cove! A heart shaped rock.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Triumphant Return

We were watching Scott McClellan on the Daily Show when we heard the flapping of wings. One of the adult birds was returning to the nest. Then we saw the baby bird flapping behind. They both landed on top of the feeder and the parent fed the baby then they snuggled up to each other and settled in for the night.

Thank goodness. I like to think that it was the baby that I rescued. He must have been just sitting on top of the ledge above the window and the momma bird came to his rescue and they'll spend another night together.

He missed his first day of bird school and hopefully he'll get a good lesson tomorrow.

Pictures and video


I couldn't get this to post in the last post.

Flying the coop

The baby birds have been preening their feathers and flapping their wings for the last few days. I knew they were just minutes away from flying away. I've tried numerous times to capture the preening and flapping on camera but they freeze when ever I would stick my camera out the window.

You can imagine my surprise today when I came home from work to find the nest empty. Well, not so much that the nest was empty but that there was a baby bird INSIDE my apartment on the window sill looking out at the nest/bird feeder on the OUTSIDE. Poor baby bird.

I tried to take some pictures but my media card was locked. I didn't have time to play around and figured it was more important to get the bird safely outside. As much as I've loved watching the birds, I don't want to live with one in my apartment.

I found a box and cornered the bird on to just one section of the sill and captured him in the box. I then went outside to the grass and set him free. He flew up into the tree right in front of the nest/feeder and has set off to make a new life. I don't know if the birdies will come back to sleep or if that is it. I will keep you posted. In the meantime a slew of baby bird pics. And a pic of the poop left on my heater and window sill.

ps. While walking Emma I spied the baby bird on the ledge above my window. I hope he finds his way without his parents to guide him. I put out some pine nuts on the outside window sill just in case they come back hungry.

Yum, let me puke in your mouth

Maybe if we crouch low enough she won't see us

Hanging out

Look I have a wing


Empty nest

The first time they were left alone