Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Artwalk Recap

It was a great weekend. I cannot express my gratitude for the Theory labs for allowing me to participate and welcoming us into their homes for the weekend +.

I made lots of great contacts, I hope that they follow through! I sold lots of jewelry, switch plate covers and make up brushes. I actually have to make more brushes! I remember when there use to be 3 full boxes of completed brushes, there are now less than 15! So gratifying! I have another small show on May 12 in Echo Park, Eagle Rock? I can't remember which. I have next weekend to get stuff done. I hope to assemble and sand while camping the following weekend.

And now for pictures. I don't know if you can tell but each item has a little hang tag with my logo on it! Branding baby. A couple different people commented that they recognized my logo. Since Deborah designed it, I'm positive that someone else isn't using it. They must know it from ME!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Close Encouters of Britney kind


Ok, so I was heading up Mulholland wondering if I'd see the paps or if the new NO PARKING AT ANY TIME along each dirt patch would scare them away. Or has Britney Spears already left for the day. There were no cars, not even one.

UNTIL.... I came to my turn, the turn to go just 2 more blocks and I'm home. That is when I saw car that looked familar, just the Element on the right, but it had a parking ticket on the windshield.
Of course I got my camera out and turned on. I rolled down my window, yelled hello to John, my mechanic, and took this!

In my rear view you can see the building that houses my mechanic, and then this black fence with the PAPARAZZI!!! ON STOOLS! John's parking lot shares the lot with the dance studio.

I should have stopped right then and there and took more pictures but, I had a full memory card and needed to off load the other pics.
After clearing the memory card I grabbed Emma and headed out for a walk. I was buzzing with excitement. I was really worried that you would be able to tell my hands were shaking when I took pictures.
Sadly, in the time I off loaded and walked back she had left. But really, since SHE isn't my pet project I was content to continue to take pics of the paps as they packed up.

Not only did I take pictures but I also chatted with them. I asked them about the parking issue now that the dirt patches are NO PARKING. They have lookouts who radio left or right and they either go down the hill to the valley or down the hill to the 90210.

The one guy I chatted with was really nice, he wondered why I don't want pictures of Britney. He looked at me funny when I told him I'd been taking his pictures for 5 months, well minus that 30 day rehab thing. I asked if I could take his picture he said yes, but I look like crap today, and he turned his hat around and pulled it down over his eyes.

I gave John my cell number. He said I could go through his office and take pictures of Britney up close. He'll totally call me! So exciting!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Art filled weekend

I'm super busy getting ready for ArtWalk! I'm so excited for my new display techniques and my new products. I promise to take tons of pictures. I really hope that I can venture out and see other art for some much needed inspiration.

I also came up with the great idea of having Matt drop me off and pick me up on Saturday. That means Sangria for a mid afternoon pick me up, er buzz.

Super duper exciting news on the Britney paparazzi front. There were 5 LAPD cars with lights flashing stopped at dirt patch 2 and 3. Dirt patch 4, had about 5 paps looking bored as always. I haven't been as diligent about taking pictures, they don't really do anything, so pictures of cars just sitting there aren't all that thrilling. One thing of note is that they haven't been in dirt patch number 2 (except today) they've gone all the way down to dirt patch 4 which was never is use prior to last week.

LAPD please put the beatdown on these Paparazzi. Thanks.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

3 day weekend

Beach. Tent. 2 recommended books. Fires. Food. Matt and Emma.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Summer Vacation

We purchased tickets to visit Michigan in May. The price was too good to pass up and we are super excited to visit with lots of friends and family!

So if you live in Michigan and you want to see us, we'll be there May 23-30. Hope to see you then.