Friday, August 31, 2007

Best. Day. Ever

Seriously. I love game shows!

Temptation, the New Sale of the Century airs next Wednesday here on My Network TV, or what ever it is called, the old UPN network channel. They have 2 prime time episodes on the 5th, then beginning on 9/10 2 episodes everyday, check local listing for channel and air times. In LA it is on FOX 11 from 2-3.

My episode will probably air in November. I will find out for sure in 2 weeks. For dvr reference, my episode number is 1GT073 or 73.

I cannot report if I won, or what I may have won, or did not win for that matter. So tune in to find out! I promise you will not be disapointed, it is a thrilling game!


Today is game show day!!! It is almost 6 am. I had a dream that I was still getting ready and it was almost 9, since I need to be there at 7:45 I totally freaked out. But it was just a dream so I'm safe.

I started my winning streak last night at the LUSH store at their hair care party. I won a nice gift set. Yay!

Now for winning the game show! HOORAY!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here are some pictures of the mosaic in its home. And a few switch plate covers made to match. I LOVE their choice of tiles and selections of appliances.

The mosaic is framed nicely by the tile and the hood.

This is a crappy picture of the switch plates.

This is my first attempt, well second I guess, at a flat piece all made from clay. I guess I like that earthy striation effect. This has lots of texture. Actually more than I originally envisioned, it changed a bit in the oven adding some puckers and cracks. Much like the earthy striations! I think it is fine. I'm using the Antique Roadshow motto that if it happens during firing it doesn't effect the value, right? If value = vision? I will get it matted and framed. I hope to have a small series ready for the art shows in October.

This is the first attempt. I have an inspiration piece, which has loads of blues and bright pinks, you can see it in the last image. I've since added some blue and purples and then stopped working on it. I finally put it up on a shelf and will look at it sometime over the weekend. I think I'll scrap all the blues and continue with my favorite colors. I'm not a big fan of orange, but when I set out all my various product you'd never ever believe me.

There is the inspiration piece! I thought I knew who painted it, but I'm not so sure now. Those are the blended sheets of clay making up the ropes above.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Sometimes when I need a bit of distraction I play Minesweeper. It's a game where you click on the box and it gives you a number indicating how many bombs are in ajacent squares. You (not me) can determine which square will have a bomb based upon the numbers around the square. You probably have it if you have a windows based computer.

So I have never ever won a game. Never. I maybe play 0-5 games per day. I prefer freecell, but it is big and takes more thought and time. Minesweeper is simple and quick.

Truth be told I play these games at work.

I don't care that I always lose, but every single F2 (new game) I think this will be the one, this is the time I win.

Maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This afternoon we are heading to Little Tokyo for the annual Tofu Festival. I'm excited to find some creations that are tasty! Especially some tofu ice cream.

I worked on clay project yesterday and hung out with my friend Michelle. It was a very nice Saturday.

Today prior to the tofu fest, I'm going to do more clay and maybe laundry.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Today was the tape day for Temptation.

I got there at noon. We had various briefings going over the game and the rules. Then we were put in private rooms in groups of 3.

We sat there for hours and hours. Waiting. One contestant from the morning crew was winning, winning and winning. Each time the person won, it would displace one of the 9 people from the afternoon group. They won 5 shows in a row, the most you can win. About 6:00 the contestant coordinator came to tell me that they were very sorry, but I would have to come back in 2 weeks. Myself and one other woman hung our heads and walked to our cars.

So my new tape date for the game show is in a couple of weeks. I'm ok with that. More time to buck up on trivia. More time to debate my clothing options. More time to practice hitting a buzzer, how does one practice that?

I'm a bit bummed out and I sure wish I didn't have to take another PTO day from work. Now that I've got the situation down, I can work a half day and do the show.

The person won some AMAZING prizes. It makes me even more excited!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Wear This!

I do not know what to wear to the game show. I'm really struggling with making a choice, so please help me decide.

Rules are as follows:
A nice pair of pants, jeans (with no holes in them) or a skirt (no minis please; it can be as short as 1” inch above your knees) paired with a pretty blouse or sweater. Please keep in mind that you will be sitting on a nice, cushy chair on the set and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

None of the following are allowed:
1. Blouses or shirts or an entire outfit that is solid black, red, bright pink or solid white;
2. Small prints or patterns (polka dots, checks, stripes, herringbone, plaid);
3. Turtlenecks or neck jewelry (it will interfere with the microphone);
4. Tube tops, halter tops, tops showing more than an inch of cleavage:
5. Sheer material (under all the lighting it may become transparent);

I wear lots of dresses. Here is what they said about dresses... No Dresses, or one-piece outfits (unless you don’t mind having the sound engineer attach the microphone battery pack to your undergarments). Do I mind? I have lots and lots of great dresses.

Here are some top/skirt/pants choices.

Teal with a drawstring right under the boobs. Crocheted sleeves.

Short sleeve v-neck sweater.

Green wrap shirt. It is too big for me, so pretend it fits.

Turquoise button down

The turquoise button down straight on

Light green t shirt with embroidery at the shoulder and waist, gathered under the boobs

Black twin set with the flowered skirt

The catch to this whole thing is the director can choose which one they think will look best with the other contestants. So my first choice, or yours, may or may not be acceptable.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Today was the longest day ever. And there is still a ton left, ugh.

We are going camping. I'm only semi wanting to go but I will not back out. We will leave either tonight or tomorrow morning. Once I am there it will be AOK. I just need to get there and that involves, shopping, driving, unloading, setting up tent, blowing up mattress, and calming down the dog.

I'm going to read a Michael Connelly book that my dad mailed me while sitting at the edge of the ocean. In the book they drive within a block of my residence. I have not read a good murder mystery in a long time. I also will "read" OK! and at least one other trashy rag.

A couple of weeks ago when I tried to sit and read on the beach the dolphins were far too playful to concentrate on anything but staring into the sea. That would be fine too.

The Perseid meteor shower is peaking on Sunday night. I hope that the sky is clear and we can watch shooting stars all weekend.

We'll come home early as usual on Sunday. Then I have to go out shopping and find something for the tv show. I tried shopping yesterday and go very frustrated that the one item I decided would be ok, was $149! WTF? Wrong neighborhood.

H&M and Target will fulfill my needs. And maybe just one nice top from a boutique, I'm eying a new one that just opened in Burbank. Carly something or other.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Temptation - The New Sale of the Century

I am taping my episode next week! I am just so excited, I can hardly stand it. I am required to find 5 outfits to pair with pants or a skirt.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR!!! OMG? National television. Eeeek.

I'm getting my hair trimmed tomorrow, and I plan to get my brows waxed Monday.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Nothing much

I've got the tape date for my big time network televsion gameshow debut! Soon I will have 3 television shows under my belt! That is more than some people who actually wanna be in "hollywood", I'll report details soon.

I have a request to bring in some jewelry for a co-worker. I'm not sure about the selling at work, but since she is HR, it must be alright. I still plan to ask if we can go outside just so I'm not crossing any lines selling my stuff at work.

I've started production on my Van Gogh inspired "painting" of course I'm doing it with clay, but it is flat like a painting. We'll see.