Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'm gearing up for the fall/winter art show season. I've applied to a few that I should hear back from in the next week. I've been accepted to shows at a couple new events. Sometimes those are great, sometimes not so much. But each time I do show I learn something new to take with me the next time.

I've also decided it is time for some professional pictures. I've selected 10 items to start. My frustration with images knows no bounds. The color is off, the white background is yellow, the detail is lost.... Or I spend an hour or so editing the image. I do not enjoy it. So time to outsource. The person I've selected takes AMAZING pictures. I have given her free will to do what she wants creatively. I know my best work is when someone gives me a general idea and says go for it. So I've submitted the items and I just cannot wait to see what she comes up with.

Of course I'll post the images here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


We have a GREAT time in San Francisco with my parents. We walked all over the place, ate loads of good food, and laughed a ton.

We were in Union Square late on Friday night waiting in line for the trolley. A nice toothless man with a pocket full of city guides sold us some tickets to ride. Willie Sparks was his name, played drums in Sly and the Family Stone and Graham Central Station. Upon Willie's suggestion Matt googled him when we got home and he could be who he said he is. Anyway, we gave him money for tickets he got from people who were done traveling for the day, or found on the ground, or garbage. Nice niche he's cut out for himself.

I ate BACON and STEAK!!! Really, really good steak. Dry aged for 6 weeks, so tender and moist. YUM. That did it for me, no need for meat for a while.

I am sad to report that the second big art weekend I had planned in October has been canceled. The Rotary Club of Studio City decided to cancel the event due to road and bridge construction at the location of the event. It makes sense, but I was really looking forward to doing my vary first local show. Oh well, maybe in the springtime.

In good news, since that show has been canceled Matt and I can go away for our FIVE year anniversary. That makes the cancellation AOK in my book.

I'm planning to do a few other various one off events throughout the holiday season, I'm super excited. I hope to do more shows than EVER.

I guess that is it. I'll post pictures later.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We are still doing pretty good with the no meat diet. It has been 256 days.

I had a tiny bit of prosciutto when my sister was visiting in April. And fish a few times here and there, but no ham, no chicken, no steak. No ribs, no fried chicken and no bacon.

But this weekend.... ANYTHING GOES.

Bacon, I love you. I'm sorry we've been apart for so long. Even though we haven't hung out in a long, long time I think about you almost everyday.

I'm not bacon obsessed, ok I am, but I think about bacon a lot because I walk past the little cafe every morning and can smell the bacon as I pull into the parking garage. It isn't MY fault.

And then I get emails and catalogs from Vosges, I mean just look at this picture

How could you not think about bacon when you pull this out of your mailbox? I'm not saying, ok I am saying, that I want to eat that chocolate bar.

I've been ordering from Vosges Chocolates ever since my dad bought me a Red Fire Bar after touring the History of Chocolate exhibit at the Natural History Museum in early 2003. Vosges Chocolates make kick ass chocolate. Freaking expensive, but still kick ass chocolate.

So meat, whether you are drenched in chocolate and are of the bacon variety, or even if you are a fillet from a cow, wrapped in bacon, watch out I have my eye on you.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Temptation Debuts

I watched the premier and second episodes of Temptation. It was much better than the Idol show.

I was shocked to see Mark on the second episode. Mark is the man who won, and won, and won the day that I was bumped. I'm excited to see the people I hung out with get stomped.

It is fantastic that I was bumped that day! He is on FIRE. Seriously. He hit the buzzer every single question in an entire round.

I still do not know when I will air, maybe next week I'll hear. I imagine it will still be in the later October early November time frame.

Have you watched yet?

Friday, September 07, 2007

A Wrinkle in Time

RIP Madeleine L'Engle

You meant a lot to my childhood. Thank you for being so patient and agreeing to sign stuff my dad would bring to you at the Episcopal Church general convention. Deborah and I treasured those autographs!

Travel safely with
Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin throughout the galaxy.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

San Francisco

Matt and I are meeting my parents in San Francisco next weekend.

I have been nominated to plan all of our activities. I am the only one in the group to never visit NorCal. Sooo Excited!

I've been doing lots of research via, love that yelp. I've also asked everyone I know what they think we should do.

So far my number one choice for one evening is a 3 hour walking GHOST tour of Pacific Heights.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

weekend recap




It is very challenging to make polymer clay cooperate when it is all soft and warm. But I did make 15 new make up brushes and a couple of pendants. Everything is buffed and ready to go!