Sunday, April 30, 2006


I opened most of my birthday presents yesterday. I have no self control. I got a beautiful marble mortar and pestle from my parents. I look forward to grinding fresh herbs to make delicious dinners.

I got a new book and some alphabet stamps and scratch and sniff stickers from my sister! The book will be read on vacation and the stamps and stickers will help my creative spirit. The stickers are really cute, the banana and the ice cream cone smell exactly the same, neither of which are banana or ice cream.

The rest of the gifts will wait until Tuesday.

I'm sure my 34th year will be filled with adventure and new opportunities!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


For the first time in my life cigarettes are cheaper than gas. Smokes $3.09, gas $3.13.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Lab Week!

This is National Laboratories Professional Week.

We celebrate with FOOD!

Tomorrow is our potluck I am bringing:

Mexican Corn Pudding
1 box blue corn jalapeno corn bread mix
1 bag roasted corn
1 jar corn/chili salsa
2 eggs
and 1 onion and red pepper sauted in butter! A whole stick!
Mix and spread in dish, I used my blue round cassarole dish.
Spread a layer of sour cream over mixture
Sprinkle with cheese.
(I bought everything at Trader Joe's)

Bake until it no longer jiggles in the center and the cheese is toasty brown. About 70 minutes.

Since I kind of made up the recipe, I had to make a little side dish for us to try. It was very interesting, lots of flavors and a bit of a minor bite of spice. I would make it again for a pass a dish dinner.

There are approximately 300,000 practitioners of clinical laboratory science in the United States. Since the development of this career group in the 1920s, the clinical laboratory science professional has played an increasingly vital role in the diagnosis and prevention of disease. Today, the clinical laboratorian is a key member of a health care team.

As team members of one of the largest industries in the United States, the dedicated efforts of laboratory professionals often go unnoticed by the general public, as well as by the very institutions employing their services. With the public now demanding the assurance of quality health care and professional accountability, organizations representing practitioners of this critical science have a responsibility to ensure that the public is well informed about clinical laboratory competency.

Beyond meeting this public need, the celebration of NMLW will help increase recognition for the profession as it improves the individual practitioner's sense of self-worth. Further, as the various professional groups within laboratory practice work together on this project, the sense of unity and purpose necessary to further the goals of all laboratorians are reinforced.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


tiny picture of the dress

Monday, April 17, 2006

Today before work:

I decided that I hate the new Fox 11 news logo. It is the same as the Fox news logo, but the Fox News LA isn't like Fox news, so why have the logo? The old logo was simple and static with the time. It sat nicely on the right hand side of the tv, which I could see from where I sit to get ready. The new logo revolves and shows either the word news, the time or the temp on the left hand side. I hate it and I can't see what time it is. GoodDay LA logo did not change. Yet. They also have a bunch of shitty new graphics which I also hate. But alas, I don't think I dislike them enough to change the channel, yet.

Today at Work:

I listened to the soundtrack to Garden State all day long. Over and over again.

I wore a aqua dress and shoes to match.

I found out my bestest girlfriend is going to leave and move to Canada. I hope it is only temporary. (I also kind of hope she changes her mind)

Today after work:
I will pick up my brand spanking new glasses. They are the single most expensive accessory I will own. I hope they are as perfect as they seemed when I picked them out.

I will return the frog book that I purchased for my nephew in March. I will return it because I'm a bad aunt and went shopping late and purchased a gift he was already given. I did not replace the book with a new present; but since he is just a little tike I hope he didn't notice thdidn't didn't give him a present.

We will go have dinner at a favorite tex-mex place, they have rockin margaritas and half price food on Mondays. I have a long long history with this establishment dating back to before I moved to LA, not that they know my name or anything.

After dinner:
I will pick out my clothing for tomorrow and iron them.

We will take Emma for a walk.

I will watch and Matt will harass my watching of Days of Our Lives. Lovingly of course.

It is after dinner and in addition to the above:

I place an order to call me when the following books arrive: Prisoner of X 20 Years in the hole at Hustler Magazines. My former boss, Allan MacDonell wrote it. I look forward to reading about the porn freaks I use to work with. I will have to give Mr. Foot fetish, Mark Cromer, a call and see if he wants to have coffee soon. I have mostly fond memories of my time working for LFP, Larry Flint Publications to you non porn folk. The other book is Girls In Pants. I will do my bestest not to read it before Alaska. I will probably fail in read it on a Saturday, and I can hardly wait.

My most favorite Allan MacDonell quote is "meaty monkey grip pussy lips" really it speaks for itself. Part of my job entailed returning photo sets with an explanation of why were were rejecting/accepting the photos. Usually Mr. MacDonell would write postits with reasons of rejections, meaty monkey grip pussy lips was by far the best. I was at a loss of how to translate that into professional lingo.

I also made Matt stop at The Loft (anne taylor, anne klein???) We looked at a dress when we bought the returned today, the dress was $79. I don't spend that much on dresses. Today the dress was $19. I bought it.

Also pictures of my glasses. It is a pretty crappy picture, but you can make out Boone on the calendar in the backgound.

You can't really see the bling on the sides, but damn yo there is bling bling on the stems.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Maundy Thursday

Today I had a cortisone injection in my foot. It sucked, and continues to suck. It seems I do not have a return of the bone spur, I have a joint issue.

Joint Issue.

Maybe the injection will work or maybe I'll continue to have issues. The Dr. suggested that I stop wearing heals and get an orthopedic shoe. Um, what? How can I be cute and fashionable in an orthopedic shoe?

I wish today was Friday.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Squirrel vs. Cat

I have had a suction bird feeder in the window for Chase-er-meow-meow for about 2 years. Overall it is stocked with seeds for the birdies keeping the kitty and the birds all happy.

The kitty crouches on the back of the couch just out of view of the birds and pounces to the edge of the table and the birds fly away. She does this at least a dozen times a day, she also will just sit and watch them eat.

I spend a lot of time looking out the window and noticed a squirrel out on the wire across from the window. I actually heard him before I saw him, he was squirreling up a storm and getting quite jealous of the birds eating the morning away. I knew as soon as he laid eyes on the feeder the end of an era was over.

No more than 3 hours later the squirrel was in the tree and I was at the window video camera and digital camera in hand.

We went out for awhile and came home to the squirrel sound asleep in the feeder. We scared him away before we could take a picture.

I do have 15 minutes of me squealing about the squirrel on tape, with additional footage of the squirrel duel;which lead to the unfortunate untimely death of a rival squirrel. And of course me coaxing the cat to pay attention. So if you come visit, I'll play it for you.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am a consumer

And I've been selected to participate in the AC Nielsen homescan consumer panel. I seriously could not be more excited! They send me a scanner and a probably a docking station that I hook up to the computer and they evaluate everything I purchase!

I hope it really happens, this doesn't make it seem as a for sure deal as the letter I got...

Homescan Consumer Panel Thanks You!
Thank you for registering with the ACNielsen Homescan Consumer Panel.Your household will be placed on our waiting list, and we will send you a scanner as soon as a spot on the Homescan Consumer Panel becomes available for a household like yours. We look forward to your participation!

I get points for my scans and then can use the points to redeem exciting gifts from their gift catalog.

I love market research. This could even be more exciting and more fulfilling than being a Neilsen television family! You may think I am kidding, but for real this is the most exciting invitation I have received in weeks!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

F words

Failure at Felt

Failure because I was not selected as a vendor for this Really I'm not so sad it is the weekend before we go to Alaska for this

I have also failed at melting felt, but that was because I wasn't using the correct type of felt.

The other F word is F U C K.

Is it wrong that I don't think of it as a bad word? They hardly even bleep it out on Blow Out, they just beep the fu, you can clearly hear the K. And Bono, the full of himself rock star, used it at the awards show and the FCC said it was ok.

I say it all the time. Maybe I don't say it at work in a meeting with important people but I know I do with some co-workers, only the ones who say it right back.

And I always think it is super cute when little children cuss. Like when Matthew Fox told the story about his 3 year old son who after vomiting all day stood over the toilet and said shit or fuck or something. Why doesn't goggle know exactly what his kid said? Why isn't someone taking the time to index the Ellen show transcripts?

So anyway, I like the word fuck but I know that some people do not so I try not to say it in front of them. It is a word of such versatility, just look at the email conversation between my girlfriends on what tense the word fuck is, or can be.

My grammar blog question,
This is fucking awesome.
Is fucking a verb?
Seriously I read what a verb is in the dictionary and I still don't know.

ABSOLUTELY!! hahahaaha! OMG, I'm falling off my chair. The only fucking I know how to do is definitely a verb. I totally use it like that too though. I had to ask my co-workers and they are all pissing themselves and confused as hell.

The FCC ruled that Bono saying Fucking brilliant or some shit was ok, but you can't say those two dogs are fucking.

What type of word is fucking in dog sentence?

Rose I included you cause you are edjamacated.

Fuck is an awesome word because you can make sentences
like "Fuck you, you fucking fuck." So, it's also a noun.

Beyond that, I know nothing.

Mr Elmer Kral would be saddened by my not knowing the correct tense of the word fuck.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend Recap

Friday I decided to go shopping, rather than do most of what I posted below.

I purchased:

The fancy shampoo. A co-worker mentioned that she could tell I stopped using the high-end shampoo and conditioner. The Trader Joe's brand just did not cut it, my hair was dull and wasn't as responsive as when I use the pricey soap.

I bought the Jonathan Product as a joke, or at least that is what I'm trying to believe. It does make my hair full of volume and it makes Matt imitate Jonathan which is always a riot.

See's butterscotch square, words are not necessary. I bought four, I shared zero.

for dinner Matt and I walked down the street for


Then we walked to

to rent

which was out, so we left and walked home in the

Saturday we (ok I) watched the new season of

I don't like

and I think about getting my hair cut like

The rest of the day was spent watching other television and reading Random Family. This book is seriously depressing. I think I might have to go purchase

just for some lighthearted tear jerking fun.

Today I went to


After shopping I went to

The rest of the night will be spent eating this for dinner

and watching


That is my weekend in google images.