Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Picture pages, picture pages now its time for picture pages

The Captain Kangaroo / Bill Cosby picture pages song is on regular rotation in my head. So here are my picture pages for today. No need to grab a pen or a pencil.

my desk

A street in Beverly Hills. I drive it everyday so I can see the sunrise over the palm trees.

Matt and I last weekend before going to Cirque Du Soleil.

Jewelry in the works


So far. I had a really difficult time picking beads to go with the main piece. I hope it turns out ok.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The vet

Chase-er-meow-meow went back to the vet today. She isn't really improving and I don't want her to go deaf or anything. The dr said for her to go on a different medication and a steroid for a couple weeks. He thought that he might need to put her under to do a deep cleaning of her ear. I said not yet, that I would like to try a different med and see how she reacts. He agreed and said that they'd use a waterpic to get down into her ear and clean it out if she would let them. Being the perfect cat that she is, she sat still and let them shoot high powered water down her ear.

Of course they told me that I MUST get her teeth cleaned. They always tell me that, but this time the Dr. Asked if I was concerned financially. Of course I am, but come on it is a cat after all. When I asked cousin Tom in Alaska if his vet requires the put them to sleep deep teeth cleaning, he said that the Alaska folks would laugh them out of the state.

I'm sure that it is probably better to have clean teeth, but is it really necessary? The doctor quoted all sorts of studies and talked about the vet worlds view on clean teeth and how pets are happier and live longer. For real?

I wonder if Deborah will take Lincoln to get his teeth cleaned once a year. I know Molly doesn't get her pretties teeth professionally cleaned. Slambo? Anyone? Do I have another guilt trip to add to my bad mothering?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am a bad mom

Last weekend I took kitty-kitty-meow-meow to the vet. She had been favoring her ear and keeping it low to her head. It also seemed her inner ear was coated in black wax.

Bad mom part one, I love the way she cuddles up to me in the vet. So much that I could probably take her there weekly just so she will snuggle right up under my chin for protection. I guess her fear level isn't as high at home as she never is that much of a cuddle monkey. Fortunately she just has a yeast infection, an easy fix with drops for 2 weeks.

Bad mom part two, reading directions. The drops require refrigeration. After a week of using the drops, at room temp, the poor kitty would cry every time I'd give her the drops. And the black goo was back. So I looked closer at the bottle and saw the giant sticker requesting me to keep the medication in the refrigerator. I suppose the 100+ temps we've had for the last 2 weeks wasn't helpful.

I called the vet and they recommended that I come in for a new prescription. So 4 days into the new medicine, Chase just cries because I'm putting drops in her ears, not because putting rancid drops into her ears. Poor little meower.

Matt response was "at least it wasn't a baby".

Monday, September 11, 2006

not a good title

I got a flyer in the mail for a 21 day fitness study at the popular woman's only 30 minute workout place. They measure you at the beginning and end and work out with you 3x per week for 3 weeks. I decided to do it. They are 2 blocks away, it is free and I need to do something.

Today was my first session. Is it wrong that I prefer the people who are motivating me and training me at the "gym" to be fit? There were 3 people working today, 2 girls behind the counter and one "trainer". The trainer is a member of the gym and helping out in exchange for membership bucks. All of the woman were way fatter than I am. Probably in the eyes of charts and percentages clinically obese. It makes me wonder if this 30 minute workout deal works. I know I shouldn't judge, but still I can't help it.

I took today off work to work on some projects for the art show. I had big plans to go purchase fancy handmade paper and complete the journal books I am making. Yesterday when Matt and I went out for gelato, we checked the times at the paper store. Today there was a sign on the store that they are closed today. I wish that sign would have been there yesterday, as I would have planned my day differently.

Instead of making the books with the fancy paper, I am making a fancy chicken curry dish that has been simmering away for numerous hours. My home smells like India without the bad smells, which I imagine are plentiful. You know with all the cows and stray animals and all those people without regular baths, not those types of smells.

Tomorrow I will go to the bead store, or so I plan. Maybe instead I'll try the paper store once again. I'll also plan to take some pictures of my weekend craftiness.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Random thoughts

There isn't enough to keep me busy at work. The solution is to have me do filing for everyone that actually has work to do. This is my second full week of doing mind-numbing filing. I totally understand that this type of shit needs to get done, I'm not to "big" to file. For real. But damn, the day is sooooo long when you are trying to make filing last 8 hours so you can be busy.

They pay me well.
They purchase my lunch daily.
They have an incredible benefit package, like 3 weeks of vacation.

My supervisor and her silent treatment. I'm still trying to determine if silent treatment is better than being yelled at.
No stimulating work 2 out of 3 months of the quarter.

In other news the good things I posted about the family trouble will soon turn to very, very bad news.

I am excited for the art show next month. I took a couple of Mondays off to get ready.