Friday, January 27, 2006

jobs x100

My boss finally took the time to speak with me regarding a change in my job. She has some specific goals in mind and has told me that I can really create the job into what I want.

What do I want?

I would like to make more money if I do more work.
I would consider changing my hours, if necessary.
I want to utilize my communication skills.

What I do not want?

I do not want to be taken advantage of because I don’t know how to say no.
I do not want to take on parts of other people’s jobs for no compensation.
I do not want to be expected to do my entire current job as well as the added responsibilities.
I do not want to give up my lovely afternoons.

The moral is really low in my department. We have some uncomfortable situations going on with various co-workers; lots of death. I think that the overall feeling of yuck is clouding my judgment.

I have requested a meeting with another manager, one who has been here forever and really knows how the changes can and cannot occur. I hope that she will be able to give me some good advice and help me decide what is best.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Jacket

I saw a jacket before Christmas that I thought would be perfect for Alaska. It has an outer coat and a reversable inner coat, and a few other dealy bobs. It was $120, which for a California girl is a lot of money. (because you don't need winter type coats, not cause it is expensive)

Today I finally decided that I'd take my 20% off coupon and buy it. Winter is nearly over in terms of shopping and I'd be out of luck come spring.

Thank goodness I waited, the $120 jacket is mine for the unreal price of $25.97! OMG. Less than $30 for a winter coat?

I'll request Katrina to do a photo shoot of the various ways one can wear the coat tomorrow. Pictures to follow.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I got the test results from the doctor today. Aside from the fact that it took a full 9 days for them to get the results I'm pretty happy.

My total cholesterol is 173.

Which to me means, assuming I don't turn into a total fatty, I can continue to consume bacon on a semi-regular basis. That is a very good thing.


I went the dentist. I was totally ready for him to drill on down and see what the hell is going on with #30. I have a root canal and a crown on 31. About 4-7 times a week for the past few months I bite down and get a bunch of pain. This is the second time I've seen my dentist for this tooth. The xray shows nothing, nothing this time nothing last time. I now have an appointment to see the Endodontist. He will evualate the pulp and the nerve and r/o needing a root canal. Notice that I say rule out, I've already decided I don't need the root canal. I will just need a crown, I swear.

So maybe in a few weeks I can have the crown done.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hip Hip Hooray

My evil evil co-worker gave her 2 weeks notice today!

Yesterday when her little slave gave his notice I said, oh I'll bet bitchy gives her notice tomorrow. I'm glad I was correct.


Monday, January 16, 2006

Job Interview

I had a job interview at the clinic for the coder/biller/collections. I think it went very well. I don't know if I'd accept the position, only because it is part time. I don't know if I want to give up my full time status and all that goes with it for a few extra dollars. Which probably really wouldn't add up to much since it is part time.

It was a good interview and a boost to my confidence nonetheless. I stopped at the card shop to purchase some note cards so I can send thank yous tomorrow.

It kind of bums me out that the job is part time. But maybe something better is in my future. I need to make "smoke up my ass" follow up on her promise.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

You're pretty

It sometimes makes me uncomfortable how often I hear that at work. I suppose I am guilty of telling people when I think that they look pretty. But it kind of freaks me out when people go out of their way to mention that I look really pretty today. It happens more often when I curl my hair.

I totally don't intend for that to sound vain, I really don't think I'm vain. I have made a concerted effort to improve my overall appearance at work. The main reason is that if I am dressed professional and in my nylons and heels, I'll be able to attend lunches with short notice, and I feel better when I don't look like a scrub. AND since I'm the only one in my department who cannot wear scrubs, I might as well enjoy what I'm wearing. I would LOVE to wear scrubs to work.

My friend who just quit to work at a physician office gets to wear scrubs, she was the only other who also had to "dress nice" She loves it.

Emma and I went on a squirrel expedition today. It seems all of the squirrels are missing. I called my girlfriend to confirm the absence of her squirrel, Rocky, he is also MIA. She thinks it is a hawk.

I spoke to my HR friend about the transfer policy. He agreed with my stance on what it says and has agreed to submit my transfer request to the hiring manager. Of course this happened after 2 good days in a row. I both want to stay and see what happens with my position and also leave. I don't know if the supposed changes in my job entitle me to more money. That alone could be a deciding factor.

I am making a modified version of Rachel Ray's chicken cigars. I plan to add some carrots and other things TBD we'll also have spinach and maybe mashed potatoes.

I get to have my annual pap smear tomorrow. Lucky me.

Monday, January 09, 2006


The tickets I have are going for $150 each on stubhub. Is it bad that I'm considering selling them? It would be a sweet profit, double my investment.

Maybe purchasing and reselling tickets is a better solution to increasing my net worth.


I purchased something from ebay last week. I paypal'd the money and received a shipping confirmation. I never received the item. I sent 4 emails inquiring about the shipping where it is and all that. No reply.

Today I got another email from them requesting me to leave positive feedback? Hello? You want me to leave you feedback, I'm happy to but it sure won't be positive. Um considering I NEVER RECEIVED THE ITEM.

So rather than just be that person and leave the feedback, I called. The guy said oh that is handled in out shipping department. Let me get your phone number and call you back. I asked if I could just cancel it and refund my money. He said he'd check and get back to me.

You would think that he would need some sort of idenity of who I am. He never asked my name, my item, my item number or anything else. How will he know which item was never shipped?

Don't ask what the item is, it is something for someone who reads this. And it isn't like they are getting it anyway since I want to cancel the order.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Party Dress

We've been invited to a big old bash next weekend. I get to buy a new party dress. I'm pretty excited.


I came home with terrible migraine. I figured after I puked at work 4 times I would be ok to drive home and not have to puke out the window. I was wrong, but didn't really make the window. YUCK.

The migraine has subsided a bit, thank goodness.

No job transfers for me. The stupid written warning strikes again. The stupid policy reads that if you show improvement you can be considered for transfer. They tell me that is incorrect. I'm not allowed to even think about transferring until 4/10. I'm totally fucked because I know that there will be a job in my area available as soon as my faux sup get the offer letter from the FBI.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I submitted a transfer request for two jobs today
1. Senior Secretary for Spiritual Care.
2. Billing/Collections/Coder for urgent care

I NEED to get a new job because
a. I'm board
b. the new management is pretty terrible. How many times is it necessary to remind us that you are the MANAGER because it says MANAGER after your last name in a 20 minute meeting? Is 10 too many?
c. I want to make more money.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Picture this?

The Christmas tree. Katrina and I on the way to see Coldplay. And Chase-er-meow-meow and my flowers.

everything is all messed up

My computer is wonky and my phone isn't working. Since they plug into the same jack, I'm thinking they are related.

I was going to post pictures, maybe later.