Thursday, October 22, 2009

New stuff for the Brewery this weekend

Drink in style with this glow in the dark skull flask

The unfinished monkey

Sea Monkey or See Monkey?

I debated a long time on the background. Put it out there for comments and the overwhelming response was GREEN. I extruded a variety of greens, and started some vines. The vines needed a little more punch so I added some color. Then my extruder broke. Tragic. It is the most important tool I use. So rather than continue with the strands of clay I filled in the background with solid pieces. First I did it in yellow, not good. Then I did it in cream, again not good. I settled on blue. It is a bit brighter than I like and it looks a little ocean-y. That's fine, he can be a Sea Monkey or maybe See Monkey.

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