Friday, July 31, 2009


I know in my heart she is communicating to us it is time for us to let her go. We just don't want to listen.

She's 14 and a half years old. It isn't like she's going to recover from old age, one never does.

We just need to accept the signs and not wait to long. Waiting to long will be too painful. For us and for her.

I wish she would just die in her sleep, it would make it so much easier.


Samantha said...

According to the Pet Psychic (the one on Animal Planet several years ago), pets do communicate to us regarding their times and she said they want us to know there is no blame or guilt we should carry for doing what we know is for their benefit. They tell us when and understand it's out of love for them when we make the decision.

I missed my chance to say goodbye to a beloved cat-man who'd been communicating to me for three days and I didn't listen and go visit my parents and see him before he died. But I've been told he's around me and every now and then I catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye and think "Buzzer!" He's forgiven me, I'm still working on forgiving myself.

You love Emma, she loves you. You'll know. She'll always be with you.

Sara said...

Joanna, we went through this in May 2008 with Maleeva (who we put down at 15 years old). When I held her in my arms at the vet clinic before the injection, she looked right in my eyes, then sighed a big sigh of relief, and I swear I could see and feel waves of gratitude. She was ready. I wasn't. But I knew it was time, and so did she. It was really the most peaceful passing, and all I think about now is what a treasure she was, a gift to our whole family. I wish you both peace as you make the decision, and just trust you will make the right one at the right time. Your cousin Sara

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